A gallery of 20 photographs from Brother David’s missionary period in Nevada.

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Brother David with “Sharon Smith” in a traditional papoose (cradle board). [Photo - Stephen Lyons] Caption “Dear Little Larry reciting his Bible verse. God is Love” [Photo - Stephen Lyons] Caption “The Jesus Man (my indian name).” With Daniel Sweet Pea and Curtis Wounded Knee. [Photo - Stephen Lyons] With a parishioner. [Photo - Uni of California, Davis] Officiating at a funeral. [Photo - Stephen Lyons] The cemetary at Nixon. Caption on front “Here we have no continuing city”. Written on reverse “This will be my wayside inn as a traveller journeying to eternity.” [Photo - Stephen Lyons] Answering some of the heavy volume of mail, most of it from Indians in the Armed Services who often heard from their families only through him. The pile of mail on the right is from servicemen. [Photo - Stephen Lyons] “Ysgol Sul 1949 (Sunday School 1949)”. Written on the back circa 1963 “Desolate Fort McDermitt Indian Reservation. My little ones dressed in the new sweaters and dresses that I bought for them, the pets. Oh how I miss them”. [Photo - Brenda Hopkins] “Indian cowboys after services – April 1949” [Photo - Brenda Hopkins] Wedding sermon at the marriage of Brother David’s friends Russ and Loretta Fairbanks – 1946. [Photo - Stephen Lyons] Refurbishing church furniture at St Mary’s, Nixon – circa 1954. [Photo - Stephen Lyons] Wadsworth 1954. [Photo - Stephen Lyons] With Bishop Lewis at Nixon. Dec 1953. [Photo - Stephen Lyons] At the Mission House, Nixon. [Photo - Stephen Lyons] After a Baccalaureate service – probably at Fernley, Nevada. [Photo - Uni of California, Davis] Written on back.. “Taken on Christmas Eve 1957. This little baby girl – 4 weeks old. I buried her mother (3rd from left in foreground) only one week later – in the same grave. God help us all.” The indians are wearing clothing distributed by Brother David. [Photo - Stephen Lyons] Memorial Day 1950. [Photo - Uni of California, Davis] The cemetary, Nixon. [Photo - Uni of California, Davis] St. Mary’s, Nixon. [Photo - Uni of California, Davis] Most likely at Fort McDermitt, Nevada. [Photo - Uni of California, Davis]



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