A gallery of 16 photographs of items relating to the life of Gareth Hughes/Brother David. These items are all in my personal collection and are owned by me.

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Cup won by Gareth’s father for the “Welsh Reciatation” at the Llanbradach Eisteddfod, Winfield Hotel, Llanbradach – 1911. Programme for the Schubert Club concert at the Trinity Auditorium, Los Angeles – March 1917. Pieces from Gareth’s dinner service – Hollywood 1920’s. The first of three pages of “Prominent Actors of the Silent Drama” from  the Picture History  Porfolio, published by the New York Times Co. in 1923. On the front cover, embossed in gold is “S S President Harding”, the boat on which Gareth sailed from the UK to the USA in November 1924. Gareth would have bought the book on the voyage. A special postal service envelope commemorating the journey of the Graf Zeppelin in 1929. Gareth sent this (letter) to his niece, Nansi. A first edition copy of sentimental Tommy by James Barrie, onced owned by Gareth (originally owned by a J Cowan). This book was left by Gareth at the Society of John the Evangelist in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where it remained in the library for many years. When I purchased it a few yaers ago, it still contained the original article in which Gareth recounts his first meeting with the author, James Barrie and the handwritten note from Barrie to Gareth. Family details from Gareth’s Welsh Bible. This is a store-bought, 1951 Sancrest Faux Turquoise, Navajo,  Squash Blossom necklace given by Gareth to his niece. Brother David would often give such a necklace to indian women at whose weddings he officiated. This is a much older, antique Squash Blossom necklace given by Gareth to his niece. This is a Navajo, silver and turquoise cross occasionally worn by Brother David. A glimpse at brother David’s well worn prayer book – pasted with all sorts of cuttings and littered with notes. He alsways carried the picture of his mother in the book. A pair of wooden candlesticks used by Brother David in 1957. Brother David’s simple, yet striking, silver cross. Brother David’s favourite desert hat. A prayer cushion sown by the indians and made from a gown once worn by silent screen diva, Theda Bara. A glass cross with the note “This little cross made by one of my indian boys from a piece of desert glass.” A Paiute bead cross and some polished stone tie-pins made by the indians under Brother David’s direction.




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