Apart from short features in programmes such as "The Welsh In Hollywood" (HTV), only one dedicated TV Documentary (Welsh language for S4C) has been made about Gareth's life. It was called "Y Paith Tu Hwnt i Hollywood" and made in 2000 by Nant Films on my instigation and that of my good friend and fellow researcher, Emyr Young. It was based on my research and presented by Emyr. I accompanied the film crew on the two week trip to America in which time we visited ten States. I guided the crew as we moved from location to location, introducing them to many of the friends I had made by phone, internet and letter over the years - people who had known Gareth. Although they recognised Gareth's importance I don't think the crew fully shared my vision of his stardom and the humanitarian impact he had on the Paiutes and others. Over our last two dinners in Greenwich Village, New York, a stone's throw from where Gareth once lived, I think I finally convinced them. The programme budget didn't extend to involving me in the post production and a few small errors crept in. In Fact, there was no budget to take me to America. I insisted on going even if I had to pay my own costs. When we got back the director, Wil Aaron, recognised that they couldn't have made the film without my presence and knowledge of the story and covered my costs. One day I hope we can make the definitive English documentary about Gareth!


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