Totem Poles
Posted 16th October 2008

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Totem Poles.

These two totem poles were amongst the posessions left to me by Gareth's niece. I never gave them much thought until recently. The tall wooden one on the right (16.5 cms tall) has "Seattle March 1926" hand-written on the back. At that time Gareth was in Tacoma, Seattle filming Eye of the Totem. This was probably a location or company momento and may have been a gift from the director or another member of the company.

The smaller totem (11 cms tall) is made of some kind of resin from a mould. It was made by Boma Manufacturing in Canada. According to the company it would most likely have been made in the 1960's. It is puzzling as to how and why this came to be the box of posessions.


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