Gareth's Grave Plaque

Isadora Duncan called him "the worlds greatest dancer".
David Belasco, legend of American Theatre, thought he brought to mind "green fields, altar candles - and a brothel."
Cecil B. De Mille called him the "young idealist".
The Bishop of Nevada wrote of him "He is the only white man I have ever known who seems to win immediately the unreserved affection of the Paiute people. He is the most effective teacher of the simple essentials of the Catholic faith I have ever known".

These pages contain but a brief description of only parts of Gareth's life. There is so much more that is complex, astonishing, moving and bizarre. I am currently writing this story down and you will have to wait for the book to read this extraordinary story. In the meantime - enjoy this brief glimpse.

Gareth Hughes/Brother David should not be confused with Father John Crowley 1891-1940 - a Catholic priest about whom much has been written under the title "Desert Padre"*

Father John Crowley served in the Californian High Desert country during the 1920's and 1930's and, while there are some similarities between Gareth Hughes and Father Crowley, I have found no evidence of Gareth Hughes ever being called "Desert Padre".

* e.g. "Desert Padre" by Joan Brooks - "Desert Padre" by Irving Stone - "Tales of the Desert Padre" by William E Webster


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